Jon Koonce

Jon Koonce has recordings dating back to 1980. Currently Jon has 3 cd’s of original songs in the marketplace. The latest release titled “Songs from The Little Village on The River” is a rockin’ album with Jon and his band. Two acoustic cd’s “It Can Never Happen Here,” released in 2007, received strong critical acclaim, some indie airplay, and was the best selling disc for Jon’s label Moon Records. Accessory To the Crime came out in 2004 with more acclaim and solid sales. Live shows in Oregon, Washington, Tennessee and Texas have helped to solidify a sales base that reaches back twenty some years. As a traditional rock artist, Johnny and The Distractions and Jon Koonce and The Gas Hogs have had solid sales as both major and indie label releases. Jon has been on recent bills with, Huey Lewis & The News, Johnny A, Nanci Griffith, Joe Ely, & Dave Alvin. Jon’s sells his CD’s online & at all live gigs.


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For those of you who prefer downloading your music.

Click on either link below to download Jon Koonce Greatest Hits (A collection of Gas Hogs recordings)

Songs From The Little Village On The River.

Click play button to see and hear about 5 minutes of Jon live with his band